Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Having Fun, Yes Ma'am

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The most polite city in the entire world. Yes, ma'am.

Charleston, South Carolina.

M and I are here catching up with some old long time friends and enjoying sunshine, and flowers, and good food, and seashells, and beaches.

And laughing. Holy moly, are we laughing. I was bent over at least twice from laughing so hard I could not stand up.  Which is hard to do on a staircase.
One of us had to go to a meeting across the compound. She said she'd be back in about an hour and half. 

So the rest of us enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, chatting and knitting. And laughing. Always with the laughing.

About three and half hours later, one of us still isn't back so we three decided someone had to go find her. We picked the bravest of the brave and voted for her to go get our long lost friend. She was gone about twelve seconds, came back and said, You might wanna come with me. There's some flashing emergency lights over by the place where our long lost friend is.

Like Charlie's Angels we were, marching along the road, arms pumping and hair swinging.

Sort of.
Of course, the lights had nothing to do with our friend. She was still lost. We had to go up into the dragon's den meeting room to check on her.


So we three climb the stairs, with the bravest of the brave in the lead and the two scared mice (that would be me and M) hanging back, lurking behind the corners letting the brave one go first.

The brave one turned around to see if we were behind her.


Get up here, NOW!

Gulp. Giggle. Chortle. Snort. HAHAHAHAHA. 

Bent over laughing.

We were back in high school, letting the brave one take the lead and hanging back to see if she would get arrested.

Man, are we having fun.

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