Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prom Shopping, Revisited

Prom shopping. Day Two.

One hundred dresses. I'm not kidding.
We looked at fairy godmother dresses, slinky dresses, cotton candy pink dress, dress with superhero capes, but thankfully no chicken dresses.

K tried the superhero cape as a veil.

Silly K.
She's examining the superhero cape attached to the dress. 

No surprise, this was one of the favorites of the day.

She giggled when she tried this one on. I'd have so much fun in this dress, Mom. I can play with it.
K's friend, S, tried on the bright yellow dress. It was very poufy.

It stood up all by itself. So S had to climb into it. She almost needed a ladder.

There was so much pouf to this dress, it oozed out from under the dressing room door.
This was one of my favorites.

It was immediately ruled out. 

No black dress with her date's black tux. I don't want to wear black to prom, Moooom.

Even the salesclerk tried to get her to consider it. No go.
I loved this dress.




Just like K.
There were a lot of girls trying on dresses. It was so much fun listening to their conversations with their mothers.

How's it look, honey? said one mom.

Well, if it's a naked prom, it'll look great, replied the frazzled young lady. 

Some of the dresses had Very.Little.Material.


Another young lady, a self-professed tomboy, was trying on many, many dresses. Most of them were very poufy, very debutante-ball looking.  

She came out of her dressing room decked out in crinoline, lace, tulle and a whole bunch of other poufy material.

She took one look in the mirror and wailed, I look like a girl!

Poor thing. She didn't expect to get the laughter that followed.
My favorite picture of the day.

I think she's beautiful.


  1. great dresses. I like the one on the mannequin in the top photo. love the sparkly top. any one in the running?

  2. Still in the looking stage. The mannequin dress was so pretty on her but S's comment was, "You look like the tooth fairy!" Not the look she's going for in a prom dress!

  3. I think K. is too pale for the black one. The pastel look seems to be coming back - so many pretty things to choose from.

  4. i love the pink pastel with the jewels up across the one shoulder...its gorgeous and really compliments her skin tone!

  5. @Lyndsay - that one is my favorite too!