Thursday, March 29, 2012

Off Island...on to Charleston

So we're on our way to Charleston one afternoon and we stop at McD's to get the first of many sweet teas for the day. 

I get out of the back seat, take a few steps and find myself tangled up in yarn.

Lots of yarn.

Gulp. I seem to be attached to M's knitting. 

And I'm dragging it along the filthy pavement, through all kinds of gunk.

What's that doing there? 

I still don't know how it got out of the car. But I'm hopeful our knitting friend, PKB, can help us figure it out. She loses yarn in parking lots too.


Of course, this happened after I had sat on M's knitting and pulled lots of stitches off the needles. 

Gulp. Sorry, M. 

I'll fix it.

I don't have anything against your pretty scarf. Honest.
Rainbow Row. 

And a sweet couple.

Walking along Rainbow Row we found this pretty little pathway.

We admired it from the sidewalk, although we would have loved to walk along the path a little bit.
Further along, we found this gorgeous wrought iron gate. 

It stood guard over the prettiest courtyard. Very reminiscent of Venice.

Caught the girls through the glass windows as we were walking along a shopping area.

They are a little shy. So I have to sneak in photos when I can.

Charleston is a beautiful city. And friendly.

Lots of quirky plazas, and fountains, and alleyways.

And porches.

Love, love, love the porches in Charleston. 
Charleston at night. 

Even the lights are in rainbow colors.


We met up with some of C's students and had dinner at a comfortable pub with them.  I took this photo as we were leaving and heading back to the island.

I learned a few things that evening.

I learned that the city of Charleston doesn't always replace missing cobblestones in their cobblestone walkways.

I learned that you probably shouldn't keep your camera out of its case during the dark hours.

I learned that the people of Charleston are very helpful when you step in one of the holes caused by a missing cobblestone. And wind up on your knees before you know what happened.
And I learned that the $15 lens cover I bought for my {more than $15} lens is worth its weight in gold when the camera smashes into the cobblestone.

Not a scratch on the lens. And the camera was fine.

But the poor valiant lens cover? 


Thank you, Mr. Lens Cover. 


  1. i LOVE these pics of the city!! you are so very talented.. These remind me how beautiful this city really is. I will be sharing with friends..

    and the cobblestones? a similar story unfolds every morning on my way to class.

    there is a running joke on campus about these cobblestones. at basketball games, we throw around a giant brick in the stands.....funny that they have become a sort of mascot.. =)


  2. @Maggie - lol, that's very funny about the brick at basketball games. Honest to Pete, I thought was I going to kill myself on those cobblestones, or at least break something. Er, I guess I did, but thankfully something inexpensive! You are very blessed to live in Charleston - it's a beautiful city and oh-so-close to all those lovely beaches =] Enjoy! And thank you for the kind words.

  3. ...and they call that the Charleston least thats what I've been told:)

  4. oh my goodness!! i hope you are OK, but thank god for the lens cover! now i feel like i should be better about keeping mine on.

    on another note...charleston looks like europe to me! i can't wait to visit someday, it's so cute!

  5. @mjg - I don't care to do that dance again!
    @Lyndsay - I wouldn't have said it reminded me of Europe (other than that one photo that I said reminded me of Venice). Probably because of the "y'alls" and sweet tea and grits. But when I look at the photos with that comment, I can see why you say that! It does look European =]

  6. I took a picture of that same fountain!! I can't wait to be there this summer!

  7. @Taylor - you are going to have such a fun summer! i look forward to seeing all of YOUR pics =]