Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Surface Looks

I am having a whole lot of fun with this macro lens. I took it to knitting tonight and shot some different yarns. 

That green/blue/gold yarn is not a thick yarn. I love the detail. I never realized the gold strands are held in place by teeny tiny threads wrapped around them.
This purple and green yarn is some sort of ribbon yarn. About a quarter inch wide. 


There are so many tiny fiber strands in each segment.


I love how this lens is making me look at the world with a new set of eyes. And that I'm seeing so much more to everyday objects. 

I think there's a lesson in there somewhere.

Go deeper than just a surface look at things. There's more depth, and detail, and substance to something when you get beyond the surface. Surface looks lack dimension. You miss things. You don't see something clearly until you've examined it a bit closer.

Except my wrinkles. Don't look at those too closely.


  1. where are the blue gold green yarns from?

  2. they are really beautiful and so is the photography!