Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweet Shopping

A most charming, and quaint, and gorgeous, and just l-o-v-e-r-l-y resale shop in the Charleston area.

We were meandering our way into Charleston and kept making stops along the way. This store was pure eye candy, with each turn of the eye more beautiful than the last.

They have a delightful mix of consignment items and new items that have been purchased for the shop. Such was the 60" strand of peach pearls that I bought. 

And played with for the rest of the day. Tee hee.
I could not stop looking at the painting of this handsome gentleman. 

His smile makes me want to smile. 

Beth, the owner of the store, has done a wonderful job blending Southern charm and whimsical art amidst the clothing and accessories offered for sale. 
Another painting that kept pulling me close. 

Full size, she is quite a beauty and that blue background is s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. 
Who wouldn't want a mermaid necklace holder? 
Took a long walk on the beach and collected lots of shells. I think Edisto Island rivals Sanibel Island for number of shells on the beach.

M only collected a few shells. She's going for the less is more approach.

I'm going for the grab-all-I-can-approach and have way more than a few shells to take home. I'm a tad bit nervous about the number of shells I have.

My luggage weighed forty-one pounds when we arrived. I only have nine pounds left.

M's luggage weighed forty-two pounds. The Hammer nailed that one. He lifted both suitcases and said M's was heavier. And it was. Maybe that is why she is going with less is more.
Sweet tea.

Really it's just sugar water, with a bit of tea flavoring and more sugar added.

This has become the drink of choice while visiting here in the South. We stop EVERYWHERE for this stuff. We get it with our lunch. And our dinners. And they give us free refills and takeaway cups to go on the road with us. 

Very generous with the sweet tea these Southerners are.


More photos when I get back home. I'm working on my laptop and have limited editing capabilities. 

But I couldn't wait to share some of these with you. 


  1. Don't you just love Charleston!?? I will be spending the whole summer there. Too bad I don't like sweet tea :(

  2. I absolutely love the photo on the beach of the driftwood with the few of you in the background! Sounds like you had a splendid girls weekend away!!
    And I am the same as you...once I start picking up shells from the beach, I can't stop!

  3. what a cool shop! you and taylor are making me itch to visit charleston!

  4. Hi there,

    I posted a similar request on the post this refers to but do you own the picture of the basil heart on your post from June 30, 2011? Would you be able to send it to me in high resolution? I have a friend who I have a special "basil connection" with and this would be the absolute PERFECT gift for her, if I were able to blow it up and frame it. I would be SO appreciative. You can email me at to discuss. Thank you!