Friday, April 20, 2012

The Beach Scene, revisited

More vignettes from our beach week{end}.

Have to have a trip to Ben & Jerry's. Everyone has their favorite flavor. 

Mine is the berry berry extraordinary sorbet. 

Try it. You'll like it.
Stopped in at the local general store for a snack or two. Full porch along the front of the store with large glass windows, wooden floors, benches, stone steps and black railings.

Throw in the American flag and barrel full of dill pickles and you've got a Norman Rockwell picture perfect small town scene.


I love their faces as they eat the pickles.

Dilly delicious is what these pickles were.
I got a few bites of this pickle. Only after she had eaten her fill.

She was much more giving with the sea glass than the pickle.
CC Sissy playing with the girls on the beach. 

We just about had the beach to ourselves that day. 
Kite flying.
I love how silly they are.
Can you read the Man's mind?

Just take the picture already, will ya?
Pretty jerseys all in a row.
I loved seeing this older couple sitting together, watching a most glorious sunset. 

That's what I picture the Man and I doing.



  1. You got a nice early taste of summer!

  2. Your last few sentences gave me goosebumps-so sweet!!

    K's eyes look incredible in the shot of her eating the pickle!

  3. @Taylor - her eyes were amazing in that light! no photoshop - pure K.

  4. i love photo of the girls and your sister with reflections in the water...beautiful!