Friday, April 27, 2012

Trade Secrets

The Gurley candles.

Such good condition. I can't wait for Sissy to give them to CC Sissy.

They remind me of my grandmother's house at Christmas. Lots of good memories - a warm, cozy house with tons of snow piled up outside, Christmas lights spread out on all the shrubs and the only light pole on the walkway, steamy windows and blinking Christmas bells, presents piled up under the tree, and food. 

Lots and lots of food. Apple pie, squash pie, mince pie. Turkey. Stuffing. Chocolates. Fudge. Peanut butter stuffed dates. Banana bread. Ham and beans. Ribbon candy. Cookies. 

For a kid, that was a fantastic culinary line up. Looking at it now? Gulp.

But it's the stuff memories are made of.


Had dinner with a couple friends a few nights ago and my cheeks are still sore from laughing. Our kids are all about the same age so we speak the same language.

And we traded war stories for part of the night.

My friend D told us a story about her older son. One night she was sitting in the living room and her son comes downstairs about 10 p.m. and tells her he's taking the dog for a long walk and don't wait up.

10 p.m.?

Taking the dog for a long walk?

Don't wait up?

Where's he going? Out of state?

So he leaves the house with the dog.  She jumps up, throws her sneakers on and tells her husband she's going to follow him on her bike. Her husband doesn't get it and asks, Why?

Why? D says. Because three red flags just went up. One, it's 10 p.m. and he's never walked the dog that late; two, a long walk? to where?; and three, DON'T WAIT UP????

Off she goes and finds him sneaking off to meet some girl. He's astonished that she's there. How did you know? he asks.

She said nothing. 

No sense giving away trade secrets, right?


  1. Ha! :)

    And what sweet memories of Christmas at your grandmother's. I love the Christmas lights spread out over the shrubs.