Friday, April 6, 2012

Jumpin' Johnnys

Slow day around the house.

Then I noticed these little guys popping up all over the patio area near the barn.

We have these tiny sweeties blooming all spring and all summer and all fall and we've even had them bloom into December, if it's warm enough.

I take them for granted since they are around so much.

So I decided to do a little research and see what their story is.
Johnny jump ups, also known as heartsease, originated in the mountains of Spain and France. Sometimes they are called wild pansy. I was trying to figure out how they got to North America, then I remembered how quickly they spread around our yard. I'm sure they hitchhiked on the bottom of someone's shoe.

The name heartsease has nothing to do with cardiac abilities. In flower language, the pansy (from the French "pensée" - thought) sent a message indicating that the recipient was in the sender's thoughts. 

It has lots of medicinal properties, being used to treat epilepsy, asthma, eczema and bronchitis. It has also been used to treat whooping cough, rheumatism, and cystitis.

That is a pretty powerful little flower.

And you can eat it, too. It contains antioxidants.

Bet you didn't know you were going to get a horticulture lesson today, did you?


We went to a "Christ in the Passover" celebration at church tonight. It is something we've been doing for the past few years on Maundy Thursday. 

I like it. It walks us through the Passover meal, telling what the traditions mean, and helps explain the Bible passages about the Last Supper.

At one part of the Passover meal, you have to eat horseradish. It symbolizes the bitterness of the slavery the Jews experienced in Egypt.

I should have taken a small taste. But no, Paster said to eat the whole amount. About a teaspoonful. Which doesn't sound like much. 

Until you eat it. And then, it's....




Nasal burning, eyes watering, and things almost go black. Just when you think you can't stand it anymore, the sensations subside and you slowly return to normal.

Whew. I'm glad we only had to eat that once.


  1. Johnny Jump Ups were my favorite flower when I was little! I used to pick them, leave them on the front porch, ring the doorbell, and then run away before my mom could see. Several times a day :)

  2. @Taylor - that is such a cute story! I bet your mom loved that =]