Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Beach Scene

We took some time off this week to visit the beach. 

And oh, what a week it was. The weather was beautiful. 

It felt like July. 

We were able to walk in the water and collect seashells. Sit on the beach and just think. Play miniature golf. Hike outside and climb

It was just like summer. Only it's April.

This is not as dangerous as J and my bil P make it look.

See how casually K is standing? She's not clinging to the rock. Or lunging off the face of the boulder.

We spent hours climbing this rock. J got to practice some of his newly acquired rock climbing skills and the Man got to show the boy he could still climb with the best of them. P was right in the thick of it, climbing up and down with the girls and practicing some vertical climbs on the rear of the boulder.

Even I climbed the rock.

After a lot of goading and gauntlet throwing.

It wasn't as hard as I thought. Maybe I should learn something from that.
We hung out at a National Park museum for a little while before starting a trail around one of the large ponds and along the shore at the park.

D had some fun looking for things on the big map.
I want to sing "Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go..." when I see this photo.

We walk in single file a lot. 

When we're not racing each other to be the leader. I beat everyone that day by reaching the car first. I put out a last minute spurt of energy to race D to the car and barely beat her by a hair.

Of course no one else knew it was a race until after I had won. Then I told them we had been in a race.

And I was the winner.
We found lots of sea glass on this morning hike.

All different colors. Brown, green, and clear. 

I'm horrible at finding sea glass so I was very excited to have my little pile at the end of the walk - with lots of thanks to K. She found a few pieces and gave them to me.

She's the best.
We went out to dinner one night and K and MR posed pretty for me.

I love the little blue streak in MR's hair. And her wavy curls.

She and K get those curls from my mom. A nice legacy, I think.
Some photos punch me right in the heart.

She looks like she's got the weight of the world on her tiny shoulders.
All the girls played miniature golf one afternoon. 

Except MR. She took photos for me. 

Didn't she do a great job with this shot of Sissy golfing?


  1. LOL at the "race" to the car. I love the way you said the line about certain photos punching you right in the heart! You have a way with words! That's exactly what some photos do.

  2. Thanks, Taylor. You're always so uplifting. I really like that about you!