Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cinderella Strikes Again

Went thrifting with Sissy today. I didn't take a photo of the treasures we found but they are very cute.

Maybe tomorrow you can see them.

We found some {very} old wax Christmas candles.

Gurley Christmas choir candles. They are not easy to find. Especially ones that haven't been lit and are not dusty.

Really, such treasure.

Spoiler alert! CC Sissy, stop reading!

And we found three pairs. One for me, one for Sissy, and one for CC Sissy. But, shhhh! We want to surprise her.

Okay, CC Sissy, you can continue reading now.
Wandering around with my macro lens. 

Look at all those starbursts in that dandy-lion head.

I love finding patterns in nature. 
I changed the focus a little bit and got an even closer look at the detail inside the dandy-lion puff.

Is each one of these brown things a seed? A seed that will make more {not so}dandy-lions appear in our grass?
I don't need a macro lens to see what's in her eyes.

Enough with the camera, Mom.

She was giving the Man his birthday present. And seems to be disgusted that I want to document this event.
She did such a nice job making his present oh-so-pretty.

And found the perfect card for him.
Many years ago, I had a Cinderella mug from Walt Disney World that I loved. It was a midnight blue mug with a picture of Cinderella and the Prince at the ball, dancing outside under the stars. Cinderella's gown had some sort of glittery iridescent pieces that made the mug just sparkle. Very girly and very princess-y.

K loved getting the Man a cup of coffee after dinner and serving it in that mug. It drove him batty.

He refused to use a Cinderella mug. A princess mug.

He would take that mug, go into the kitchen and pour the coffee in a manly mug.

And K would giggle.

This dance lasted for years.


Fast forward to present day. The mug has been packed away. I'm saving it for K, for when she gets older. I think she'll like having that mug someday. I hope it brings back good memories for her.

In the meantime, she found a Cinderella card for him.

And when he opened it, he laughed long and loud.