Saturday, May 31, 2014

Star Spangled Moments

The Man and I, and our friends M and the Hammer, had dinner with some other friends tonight. We had to drive a little bit to get there so M and I had plenty of time to giggle and chortle and cause all kinds of mayhem from the back seat.

Somehow the conversation came around to losing brain cells as we get older, as evidenced through some of the {at the time perfectly} logical things we have said only to find out they are not so logical after all.

I shared a gem from last week. 

I was at a choral concert for my nieces along with K, and J and his girlfriend L. As the concert started, the musical director asked us to stand to sing along with "The Star Spangled Banner". 


I leaned over to J and L and said, "Shouldn't we be singing the national anthem? What kind of school is this anyway?"

They simply stared at me.

And then I realized that "The Star Spangled Banner" IS the national anthem.

Oy vey.


So M said something just as smart tonight while we were in the car. Something about bordering states. Except the states she was referring to do not border us.

Huh. Color me confused.

But I was so very happy to have someone else think like me. I laughed and told her she was having a "star spangled" moment.

That's what I'm calling those momentary brain lapses where the wires get crossed - star spangled moments.


Dinner tonight hurt.

It hurt my checks from laughing too much.

It hurt my tummy from eating too much.

Polenta, chicken and carrots, sausage, salad, marinated mushrooms, grilled asparagus....all combined to make a most delicious meal.

The wine kept flowing, the laughter kept coming, and one story after another rolled off tongues, spurring each other on to tell just one more.

What a glorious night spent with some wonderful friends and companions. Many thanks to T and D, as well as B and G, for the great company and delicious food.



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  1. "star-spangled"---that's how we live! Love laughing with friends! ;)