Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well Wishes

E made some very tasty triple lemon cupcakes for our picnic on Sunday night. I am taking some credit for the idea since I requested lemon.

E seems to think I should get no credit since she did all the baking.
Time to bring out the painted clogs.

I love the shiny colors. It's like having a rainbow in the backyard all the time.
L made this oh-so-cute card for J. He has a very. big. exam. to take soon and she wanted to wish him well.


When I got home from work this evening, L and J were in the kitchen chatting with the Man. J could not wait to show me the card.

He knows how much I love crafty things.

And then he showed me the plate pictured below.
Browned butter blueberry muffins.

L made them for him. He graciously shared them with us, after reserving the four largest ones for himself. Apparently there was a full dozen but a few had been consumed before I even got home. L and J worked hard today and needed nourishment.

(Good thing L brought snacks with her since we have no food in the house, as K keeps reminding me. And as I keep reminding K, she can drive to the store and buy food anytime she wants. To which she replies, But that's your job. You're supposed to buy the food. To which I reply, Not anymore. I'm emancipating you.)

They worked all day long painting J's room. We have company coming next weekend and we are in the midst of some room rearranging, turning an extra room back into a guest bedroom.

You know, so we have a place for our guest next weekend to sleep.

There's nothing like a deadline to get things done.


I walked into the kitchen and found J holding the card, just staring at it with a quirky smile on his face.  

He looked at me and said, "Isn't this the cutest card you've ever seen?"

What a softie.

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