Sunday, May 25, 2014

Food Boss

An impromptu cookout tonight.

J and L were on their way to a new tavern but found out at the last minute that the tavern was not serving food yet.

What? said J. No food? What kind of place doesn't serve food?

Not my place. My place serves food. So they ate with us.


K invited a friend from high school over as well. We haven't seen her friend S in a couple years, since the girls graduated. She fits right in, regaling us with stories of school life and wildlife creatures.

A goose that found its way into the living room via the chimney and had the girls running around the living room in total disbelief. Not sure how they were going to get it out of the house.

A hungry stray cat that S let in the house to feed and then had to referee the inevitable fight between the house cat and the stray cat. It kind of looked like a bobcat, said S, causing the Man to double over laughing and letting the grilled pizza cook a little too long.
L and J were troopers all night long. They pitched in and helped cook, making a most delicious dessert for us.

Holy moly, me oh my. Fantastico. 

This would make a wonderful additional to a brunch menu. I'm thinking Father's Day.
L put J in charge of slicing strawberries. He started in the kitchen, with the rest of us, but that changed fairly quickly.

Don't forget to remove the green leafy top, I told him. And wash them first, I added.

I got it, Mom, he said. And rolled his eyes while looking for a colander to put the berries in. He rinsed the berries and brought them back to the counter. Grabbing a berry, he started to cut into it.

Slice them the other direction, said L, after watching J hack at them for a few swipes.

He gave her the stink eye and kept cutting.

No! Turn them like this, said K, moving the strawberry he was cutting into a better position for him.  He stared at her for a moment.

THAT'S IT! I'm leaving, he said, picking up the knife and the strawberries and marching out of the room.

We just smiled at this back and I said, "That's got to be his worst nightmare. Three women telling him what to do."

Better get used to it, J. 

The women in your life are bosses born leaders.

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