Monday, July 12, 2010

Beach Fun

Nope. I have no time to post this tonight.

This is the only pic I have to time to upload and it's only so this isn't a boring, no-picture-because-it's-too-late-at-night posting.

I'll post about our looooong weekend at the beach tomorrow.

Right now, I have to finish loading and looking at all those big huge ginormous out-of-control size files my photo class instructor made me change to, You have to shoot large files. You might want a poster of that beach grass that's out of focus because I'm making you hold your camera different.

These files are so big, I CAN'T MOVE THROUGH THEM.

My p.c. is so slow, I CAN'T MOVE THROUGH THEM.

I'm going back to small file sizes. I can't take this slow stuff anymore.

So there, Miss Photo Instructor.

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