Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camera Class

First camera class was tonight.

Evidently I'm doing a lot of things wrong.

First, I own a Nikon. I was surrounded by Canon owners. There were only a few other Nikons in the whole group.

I felt like I was a Red Sox fan in Yankee territory.

Second, I have my file size set too small. "Why do you have your file size set to small?" asked the instructor. "Because I shoot a lot of pictures and I don't keep many of them and I rarely print anything," says I, rather innocently.

Whoop, whoop, whoop. Alarms go off and the next thing I know, the instructor is using me as an example of one of her pet peeves, which is...

Third, people who don't print pictures.

I just never think to do it. I rarely find a pic I think is print worthy. But she made a good point. What pictures will our children and grandchildren look at in the future if we don't print anything?

I guess I'll have to start printing some of them.

See? I can change.

Fourth, I hold my camera all wrong. Now she's making me hold it in a way that feels uncomfortable and unnatural and wrong, wrong, wrong.


Apparently, it's amazing I've been shooting pics at all.


  1. Don't let them diss the Nikon! It's a wonderful little camera, and you just can't argue with the fact that the Nikon lowest end model undercuts the Canon lowest end model by about $100. When you're an amature, that's a big price difference. :)

  2. this post. Well, I do love my Canon, but Pioneer Woman uses a Nikon, and so does Karen Russell (; so you are in good company.
    How did she want you to hold your camera? Take a picture of yourself in front of the mirror and post it to your blog. (in a large file size..ha ha..then print it out :P

  3. @eleganteconomy - I use a Nikon D80. At the time I bought it, it wasn't the top of the line DSLR (read: professional photographer) but the next one down. Actually, it's the one used by Disney photographers! It's a really nice camera. I'm not letting anyone diss it!
    @Annie - will do!

  4. Oh goodness...I can not believe she told you, you hold your camera wrong.
    Just hold it still ;o)
    Just don't drop it in the lake ;o)

    I had a girl come to the workshop on Saturday and she had her camera set to Raw. Everyone told her to do that...well guess what? She doesn't edit her pictures. She doesn't own photoshop. What a huge waste of storage.
    And the pictures are not as nice in Raw if you don't edit them.

    She was delighted to set her camera to Large Fine.

    Nikons are better.

  5. @Donna - thank you, thank you, thank you. I've decided to hold the camera the way it's comfortable for me. As long as it focuses what difference does it make, right? And I'll try to keep it out of the water ;-)