Monday, August 23, 2010


Seven hours.

That's how long it took us to get home from the beach yesterday.

It really takes three hours. But there were way too many people on the not-big-enough road leaving the beach.

And they all had the same thought we did. Hmmm, it's going to rain. We should leave early.

Next time I'm going to think, Hmmm, it's going to rain. We better stay late SINCE ALL THOSE OTHER PEOPLE WILL BE LEAVING EARLY.

Just finished looking at the thousand pictures I took this weekend. Not kidding.

One. thousand. pictures.

Way too tired to post much tonight.


  1. Did you go to the Cape? We have been traveling (mostly day trips) the last few weekends and the traffic everywhere has been a nightmare. I completely sympathize.

  2. @Annie - yes, we did. I'm thinking about buying a small plane. Except, I don't how to fly. That could be a setback.