Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pretty Ladies Dancing in a Line

I learned a lot from the photography class I took. I learned about lighting, and metering, and white balance, and ISO.
There was sunshine, glorious sunshine, on Saturday morning when I stepped outside. I ran back in and grabbed my camera.

I loved the bright green color of the day lilies that were waiting on the porch for the Man to plant. My lovely sister-in-law brought them to us on their way to vacation.

So I practiced changing settings and learned how to bring out background color. See how the red of the barn is much brighter in the bottom picture? Too bad I can't remember what I did.

I think I better practice more.
While the sun was still shining, I was inside cleaning and straightening up. I found some forgotten treasure - miniature wedding dresses I found at a dollar store a few months ago. I tucked them away for who knows what and promptly forgot about them.

But, as treasures often do, they showed up in a most unexpected place.

Right where I left them, stuffed in a bag on the side of my dresser. Oops.
With that bright blue sky in the background, and the deep green of the trees behind the house, it was a perfect setting to shoot these pictures.

The clothespins are a tad bit big. Okay, they're REALLY big but that's all I had.

Must get some small clothespins.
The wind was blowing nicely, lifting up and tossing around. These ladies were dancing and swaying and having a wonderful time with their girlies.
I just love these pretty ladies. They're so fancy and free.
I practiced changing ISO to bring out the blue skies.


That worked rather well, I think, don't you?

But the dresses are a bit dark. Hmmmmmm.

That's a bit better. The dresses are lightening up some.
Oh, much better. As the Man would say, "Now we're cooking with gas."

The sky is still bright blue but the dresses are oh-so-white.
There it is.

My best shot of the day.

Blue sky, little bit of green at the bottom, and pristine white dresses dancing on the line.

I think I may use this to make some wedding cards. What do you think?
Tired at the end of the shoot, they hang on the line - no wind, no dancing. Time to get packed away for another day.

K. pointed this shot out to me. She has a good eye. And it's something the photography instructor talked about when we discussed composition.

If something looks good from the front, turn around and see what's happening behind you. If there is a gorgeous sunset right before your eyes, there are gorgeous colors being reflected off stuff behind you.

And if I had listened to her, I would have turned around and seen these shadows on the ground, right behind me.

Thanks, K., for reminding me to turn around.

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