Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cards. Not.

Whew. Found my Christmas cards. I buy them after Christmas each year and carefully put them somewhere safe for the next year. 

So safe I never remember where I put them.

But I found them and promptly brought them upstairs and placed them on the table right. next. to. my. chair. 

Still didn't start them.

I bought the stamps today. That's a step in the right direction.

I don't know what it is about cards, but I procrastinate something fierce when it comes to getting them done. Probably because I always imagine witty, chatty, charming handwritten letters getting tucked into each card and it just doesn't happen. 

Once, I wrote a year in review in one hundred words. That was my challenge for myself that year - write the year in review in exactly one hundred words.

With four of us in the family, not counting the dog, that's only twenty five words per person. Can you sum up your year in twenty five words? Maybe if it went something like this it would be easy, "Won the lottery, bought a small island, flew there, and we're not coming back until the weather is much warmer. See you in the spring."

Mine was not like that. 

So instead of writing out some Christmas cards, I played around in Photoshop again. I'm telling you, this program is addictive. I'm going to start calling it crackshop. I can't step away. Every night I discover something new and fun and cool and I just keep going back.
I found a free storyboard to download over at The CoffeeShop Blog.  I used it tell the story of my exciting adventures trying to get the kids to sit still and smile nice for the camera for the annual Christmas picture.

Yeah, right.

Do you see what I have to go through to get one decent picture of them? Sometimes I'm tempted to use the outtakes as the actual picture. 


So...maybe tomorrow I'll start the Christmas cards. 

“I’m going to stop putting things off, starting tomorrow!” – Sam Levenson

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