Friday, December 17, 2010

Think Small

Recognize this frame from the little pretty in my last post? It sat on my mantel for days before I figured out where it was going to find a home. While it was waiting for me to decide, my little Christmas nisse decided to play peekaboo with me. He's so tricky.

I love his sweet little face and that semi-smile. And those ears that stick straight out slay me.
On a totally random note, something that my passion for photography has revealed is to think small. Look at the little things, the things that often get overlooked. See the details. Sometimes you have to change your view to do this.

I got up on a chair and shot down from the ceiling's view for the photo above. And look what I found.

A star.

Photography makes me think. And look at things a little more carefully.

I like that.
When the Knitwits were at my home this week, they were distressed that I didn't have a photo of my son on display. 

Well, says I, that's because he won't sit still long enough for me to take a photo. But it got me thinking and I kind of remembered a very short shoot he let me do one warm, sunny fall afternoon. 

And I found one decent shot.

So here he is, guys.

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