Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bunnies and Yarn and Brownies, oh my!

I think I should call this photo "beautiful chaos" since there's way too much stuff going on. Baskets and basket parts are all over the place, eggs sitting next to her head, the telescope standing sentinel in the back corner. Fur blankets, tapestry pillows and swirly paisleys make my head spin and the Easter lily is trumpeting something. Much too busy.

But I like it.

Because I like her smile. It's real.

And paid for. Thank you, Mr. Orthodontist.

Worth every penny.
Sissy and the girls made these for Easter. Aren't they cute?

J and K inhaled them.


By the time I got to them, there were just a few pieces of coconut lying on the plate.

Erg. But better for my waistline.
This just makes me laugh. 

B, in knitting class last week, got her yarn stuck in the zipper of her jacket.

But not in the zipper part. It's stuck in the pull part. I have no idea how that happened. 

She was absolutely befuddled and had to call Teacher over to help her. Teacher is the best. She gets us out of all kinds of knitting disasters,  including stuck yarn.
Snack last week was scrumdiddlyumptious good, courtesy of M.

We had a healthy choice, lettuce wraps with turkey, apple butter, cheddar or blue cheese (she made two kinds), and a slice of apple.

And we had a not healthy choice. Those little babies above.

Simple, really.

A box brownie mix.

Three Symphony bars with almonds and toffee bits.

Make the brownie mix and put half in a 9x13 pan. Lay the three candy bars on top of that layer and then spread the rest of the brownie batter over the candy bars.

Bake as normal.


Oh my.


  1. In the zipper pull? Oh, my. One of those freak things which seem to happen too often!

  2. I love that smile too :) We were lucky; only one of our three had to have a Ms Orthodontist SMILE. But equally worth it to see that face light up!
    I love your tiered basket with the eggs..are those plastic or wooden eggs?
    And those brownies...mmmmmmmmmm is all I can say. And me thinks you can adapt ANY brownie mix with mix and match candy bars.....oolala

  3. @Annie - that's my sister's tiered basket since we were at her house for Easter dinner and they are plastic eggs. and i totally agree about any brownie mix and candy. i think we're onto something....

  4. such a gorgeous shot of K, love all the colors in it too!!