Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Resurrection Day, 2011!

The Man is very excited about his garden plants. These are his babies. He checks on them many, and I stress many, times a day. He talks to them. He takes them outside for some sunshine.

When the sun shines, that is.

You know, every two or three weeks.

He takes them to see the garden and tells them where he's going to plant them.

He's a plant whisperer like his mom.

And they respond. They grow fantastically well for him. These plants are his first planting. He's started a second planting and they're just starting to come up. He gets so excited when he sees those tiny little sprouts bursting out of the soil. He can't wait to get things in the garden.

He has a map of the garden. You have to have a plan, he tells me. You're Type A, I tell him.

But I get to reap the reward from his {mild} obsession with gardening.

We celebrated his birthday this past weekend. K made him her signature chocolate cake with fluffy peanut butter frosting

She crushes up chocolate peanut butter cups to put on top of the cake. This cake is good.

Really good.

Go make it. Now.
K and I went over to Sissy's on Good Friday and made styrofoam faux sugar eggs with my nieces. K and I made these a long time ago, back when she was just a wee little girl and still liked to craft with her momma.

You need styrofoam eggs (medium to large sized), puffy paint, rick rack, ribbon roses, and things to put inside your panorama egg.
Cut the tip off the narrow end of the egg, about an inch deep.

Cut the egg in half, lengthwise.

Cut a small slice off the bottom of the egg, leaving a flat surface so the egg doesn't roll. 

Using a small spoon, hollow out the center part of the two halves, making sure to leave about a half inch of styrofoam along the edges. Look at the pics for guidance. 

Remember to scoop out along the edge of the egg where you cut the tip off. This makes the hole that you look into to see the panoramic scene inside.
Hot glue your scene inside. You don't want to cram too much in or you won't be able to see the things in the back. I think we used 3-4 items inside each egg.

Hot glue the top on the egg and then hot glue the rick rack around the middle of the egg, covering the seam where the top and bottom meet.

Hot glue three ribbon roses on the top of the egg and then use the puffy paint to decorate as desired.

Right now is a great time to buy the materials for this craft to do NEXT year since all the Easter stuff is marked down. Yay!

I loved getting the sugar panorama eggs when I was a child. It was a tiny little world, all by itself, and I would sit and look it for a long time when I would get one for Easter. 

These eggs bring back some good memories. And they're calorie free.
We colored Easter eggs. Or rather, Sissy and the girls colored Easter eggs and I took pictures.

I forgot to buy eggs.

We started Resurrection morning at sunrise service, celebrating our risen Lord, Jesus Christ. We followed that celebration with breakfast at the church with our church family. I love spending it with other believers.

Hands down, best day of the year.

After a little nap, and a bit of freshening up, we were back at church for morning service. 

Sissy hosted Easter dinner this year. She was a busy girl.

The table looked beautiful, the food was delicious, and the weather was nice enough to have an egg hunt.

A great day. Thanks, Lord.

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