Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size.  ~Gertrude S. Wister

Well, hello there. It's been awhile.

I'm all better now. My cold is gone and I'm able to stay awake past 9:00 pm. I really didn't like this cold. It didn't treat me very well. Not that I like any colds, but some seem to hang on longer than others. And this one seemed very comfortable, hanging around and beating me up.

But it has moved on elsewhere and I'm feeling back to my old self.

I haven't felt like taking any pictures lately. Really. It was an effort to lift the camera, never mind think about composing a shot.

Today, I felt like getting outside and shooting something, anything.

The daffodil in the top photo amazed me. Not at first, though.

I thought I was just snapping a shot of a pretty daffodil but when I looked at the photos in the camera, all I could see was the yucky brown wet leaves in the middle of the stem. I thought they had fallen from the tree and landed on the flower but when I went to shoo them away, I found them impaled on the flower's stem. 

The daffodil's stem had grown right through the fall leaves.

Maybe that doesn't surprise you, but it sure surprised me. That's a strong stem.


In the bottom picture you can see the row of garlic the Man planted, marked off by the white markers.

He's so eager to get out in the garden. And tend his lawn.

He's edged all the flower beds, and thatched the grass, and started his tomato seeds. He's planted the peas and is scouring the house for all the flower bulbs he pulled up last year.

He's just about quivering with the need to get outside and do something, anything.

That seems to be the theme for this week. Get outside and do something, anything.
My new spring table runner. Very colorful. And full of polka dots. Makes me think of Anthropologie, even though I got it at Pier 1.

And look at the little cuties in the top center photo. Matryoshka doll measuring spoons. How cute are those? Thank you, Fred Flare.

That salad in the bottom center photo? Best. Salad. Ever.  Got the recipe from here. This is a fantastic website full of low-fat recipes. And tasty, too. I found this site thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Go check out her blog. She posts lots of yummy links to all kinds of very delicious food. And healthy, too.
And this is what life looks like right now.


Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun. Please shine down on me.


  1. I also have been trying to stay afloat with a cold. And a cough, and runny nose. And a busy week at both jobs...Time to force some forsythia blooms to make me forget this virus..if it would ever stop raining!!
    Glad you are feeling better..missed yooooo!!!!
    And that salad looks divine...

  2. Oh, Annie, I'm so sorry you are feeling under the weather, too. Blech for both of us. Let's hope some sunshine will appear and turn our frowns upside down!

    Thanks to your lovely daughter, I found that salad. She posted a few recipes from the site and I started looking around, checking out other recipes. Great site. BTW, you have raised some fantastic children (er, adults).

  3. Oh my that salad looks heavenly!! Avocados in anything and I'm in!

    Love the daffodil story!

  4. Thank you, Cheryl. You are the best :-)
    And, 'bout you make that salad the first week home?

  5. You really had it bad then! Glad you're better. Your table runner is so different, or what I can see of it. Nice and cheery.

  6. i love the measuring spoons, how adorable!! :) and the table runner...and that delicious looking salad, too! Love Skinny Taste :) so glad you love it too!