Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Going, Going, Gone


Nice to see you again, blog.

Life has been crazy busy around here the past couple of weeks. But you probably noticed that, didn't you?

You're a smart blog.


K graduated from high school.

We had a VERY BIG PARTY for her. 

That is for another day.

We had to get to the high school early, early, early to get the seat I wanted for photo opportunities.

I didn't tell the Man how early. He would have balked.

Instead I just said, "Tra-la-la! We have to be at the high school for 4:30 pm!"

And it worked. We all got dressed and piled in the cars and got to the high school for 4:30 pm.

We were the second ones in line.

The Man looked at me and said, "Where are all the other people?"

I looked up at the sunny, bright blue skies. I looked down at the lush, green grass. I looked over at the {lonely} empty chairs waiting for people to fill them. I didn't look at the Man.

The Man kept looking at me, now with a bit of a stink eye and said more firmly, "WHAT TIME DOES THIS START?"


"Six o'clock." I muttered. And took a step away.

"SIX O'CLOCK?" the Man might have yelled. "I'm going home."

But he didn't. I pleaded, and cajoled, and gave him a stink eye, and he stayed.

Just so I could get the seat I wanted for pictures. He's a good Man.
K and her friend H were whispering in the first photo and K's friends L and E were whispering in the second photo.

I wonder what they were saying.


All those sunglasses made me think of the song, "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!"
Instead of tossing their caps, they sprayed silly string.

It looked like a war zone.
She really isn't as surprised as she looks. We were fairly confident they were going to graduate her.

I made her pose for this shot. 
K and her dad. 

The Man loves her to pieces.
K and her cousin, MR.

MR and Other Sissy and my brother in law came for the graduation. It was so good to have them there. They live a bit far away and made a great effort to come for the ceremony.

I am so thankful for my family. I love them so.
E practicing for her graduation.

In about nine years.
Remnants of the silly string moment.

I can't even imagine how that got cleaned up.

Yuck. But a very colorful, pretty yuck.
K walking away.

Something tells me I better get used to that sight.



  1. Oh!!! Sniffle, indeed! I am too tired and fragile-of-feeling right now for a post like this. :) What a sweet graduation write-up--and what great photos, Cheryl. Your daughter looks like she had a blast. Congrats to you all! :)

  2. Lovely pictures. A very nice post. Looks like mostly girls in her class!

  3. Thank you, ladies! I'm sorry I made you sniffle, Val. It made me sniffle too. Lisa, they have the girls sit on one side and the boys on the other side.