Monday, June 11, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Not much blogging going on around here.

Prepping for graduation and the big party this coming weekend. All of which leaves me with no.extra.time.


The Man and I had to take a rather long drive to pick up a vehicle and we decided to stop in a little town with a bridge of flowers - a walking bridge. So we walked over it.

So pretty. Many flowers were in full bloom and it was a gorgeously sunny afternoon. Perfect day for a walk over a bridge of flowers.
We didn't have oodles of time. We had to go watch my nieces in their piano recital. And then K and I had a graduation party to attend. All this was happening after the Man and I drove for most of the afternoon.

Whew. I'm tired just writing all that.
This little interlude walking across such a quiet, peaceful spot was just right.

As an aside, does anyone know the name of this large purple ball shaped flower? I love it, but have no idea what it is.
My view out the back window of the car.

We stopped at a garden center and picked out some plants for the gardens.

Especially the south garden.

That's what Mom calls it.

And it needs some help. The Man has been in this garden ripping out plants he shouldn't be. And leaving ones in that I don't like. Like pachysandra. Blech.
I love splops of color in monochrome settings.
K and P and I had a pompon making session, trying to get party decorations finished.

Let's just say these were much harder to make than Martha Stewart let on.

We had to make up our own way of plumping them. For a while, they were looking like flattened yo-yos.

In other words, they didn't look like round pompons. Aaargh, that Martha. She always makes things look so simple.
Lots of color.

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  1. That flower is an allium - of the onion family. I've been to that flower bridge - it's delightful!