Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Standing Firm

Setting: high school auditorium, during Academic Awards night

Time: early evening, when people just want to be in their comfortable homes, nestled in their comfortable chairs, watching an old movie

I watched a man struggle to his feet tonight to sing the national anthem.

He was using a walker and had gotten settled in his seat when the principal asked us to stand for the singing of the national anthem. He could have remained seated. Others in the audience that were physically challenged stayed in their seat. 

But this gentleman wrestled with his walker, trying to get it opened up quickly so he could stand with the rest of us.

After getting the walker set up, he slowly got to his feet, none too steadily, and rocked back and forth a bit catching his balance. Somehow, he remained standing. And he sang. Looking at the American flag the entire time.


God, thank you for two good legs to stand on.

And thank You for men like this gentleman, who haven't forgotten what our servicemen and women are fighting for around the world and for what that national anthem means to them.

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