Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mugs of Tasty Delight

Another hot day. Perfect day for a frappe.

Or milkshake.

I found the vintage A&W mugs at a flea market last weekend. My parents used to take us to A&W restaurants when we were kids and lived in the South. I remember the servers bringing the food out to the car and hanging a tray on the side window. Now that was fast food.

We must have only done this in the summertime because I associate A&W mugs with summer. Or it could be because my dad used to make coffee frappes every summer.

At least once or twice.

He would serve them to us in the miniature A&W mugs that we brought home as souvenirs.

Good times.


My {rather} pitiful attempt at coffee frappe haiku:

cold, frosted delight
summer balm for scorching days
mugs of melted drink

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