Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Busy Night Sky

My feeble attempts at lunar photography.

Super high tech over here. The Man had his fancy schmancy telescope out to view the lunar eclipse. I put my iPhone over the eye piece and found the moon. 

I need a bigger lens for my camera. I'm obsessed with moon photos now.
We were all out watching the lunar eclipse a couple nights ago. Our neighbor came out and stood in his front yard, looking through his binoculars.

"Come on over!" we shouted to him. He came over to look through the telescope. And stayed for about an hour.

We had great fun talking with him and taking turns looking at the moon. We could hear neighbors outside, talking and laughing, up and down the street.  It was almost like a block party.

Millions of stars were scattered all over the night sky and easy to see without residual light from the moon. While I was watching the eclipse, I saw a shooting star zip across the atmosphere.

It was quite a busy night sky.


  1. Lucky! We couldn't see it at all here. Great photos--I can see how moon photography would become an obsession pretty quickly, yes.

  2. Steven and I were standing in the driveway looking at the moon that night, wished we could hear neighbors.... our neighborhood is boring.