Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Snippets from Up North

Snippets from the weekend.

Smooth rocks piled high on the beach. It was a bit treacherous getting down to the shore. Good thing the Man was in front of me with a helping hand or I might have bounced my way down on my bottom.

The Man is very sure footed. I am very not sure footed.

We make a good pair.
Poor little abandoned Pooh Bear.

He was sitting all by himself, waiting for his owner to come back for him.

Hope he finds his way home.
Fairy food.

Set out in the forest for any fairies that might happen to be lingering around.

Fairy house we found in a clearing along our walk.

An enchanted little part of the forest, filled with all kinds of tiny fairy homes. But no fairies. I think we were making too much noise.

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