Sunday, September 20, 2015

Puppy Love

The Man and I got to spend the weekend with this sweet boy. Oh, and his parents, M and The Hammer.

You know, our dear friends. Move over, M and The Hammer, there's a new boy in town. We were infatuated with this guy from the start of the weekend. He's playful and friendly. He's rambunctious and teething. He's sleepy and reluctant to move when he's tired.

He's a puppy.
We took him for several walks on Saturday. He drew attention wherever we went. This little one is such a people magnet.

We would walk about twenty feet and get stopped by someone who wanted to pet him and talk to him. He was so patient and would just sit there and let people love all over him.

As we were walking along the harbor, we got stopped by a small group of mentally challenged young men and their group leader. They asked if they could pet the puppy and immediately dropped to his level so he would be comfortable with them. One of the young men kept remarking on how big the puppy was going to be when he was an adult. As M smiled, she said, "I think you're right. I hope I can handle him when he's big."

One of the young men, who had Down's Syndrome, said, "I can handle him." He was so sincere. I think he fell in love as soon as he saw the puppy.
What a sweet boy. And what a smile.


He has totally sucked M into dog owner world. She really wasn't a dog person. At all. When The Hammer mentioned getting a dog, she was pretty up front with him about how she wasn't going to feed him, or take him outside, or train him. This was his dog.

That lasted all of about three minutes.

She is the best doggy momma around. She feeds him good food, makes sure he goes out for several walks, she packs water for him while walking, and sits with him to a make sure he drinks enough. She snuggles him and plays with him. She's going to training classes with The Hammer. And she is totally in love with this dog.

Who is she?!

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