Thursday, September 24, 2015

{Graceful} Goodbye to the Great North

Stopped at a cute sandwich shop for lunch. M and I had a hard time containing ourselves - the desserts looked so delicious. We just kept saying, "But we'll be sharing them. We're not going to eat a whole one." 

No, of course not. We only ate about a dozen pieces of dessert, but not a whole one of anything. 

Very restrained, if you ask me.
We took our food over to Portland Headlight and enjoyed sunny weather for most of our visit there. 

The fog started to roll in as we did the cliff walk. I kept thinking of the movie "The Mist" and reminded the rest of the party that we had to move along. And if they heard any buzzing, don't look back and start running. Fast. 

M told me I have quite an imagination. 
We finished the afternoon in Portland and wandered down to see the cruise ships that were in port.

These things are HUGE.


Things to remember about Portland:

The puppy meeting a goat for the first time. And getting butted. I wrote a poem for the event - Goats are ornery. Puppies are sweet. Never again should the two things meet. 

Looking for mead. Finding it in a craft beer shop and buying lots of other beverages. Many more beverages than we went in for - all locally made and so far, so delicious.

The Hammer parking in a fantastic parking spot, right alongside four Portland police officers. They were standing on the edge of the sidewalk, talking, and glanced at us as we parked. The Hammer got out of the vehicle and went over to them, "Hey, can you keep an eye on my vehicle?" One of them burst into laughter and the others were smiling as they walked away.
Great bike rack.


I was taking a shower the last morning we were there and the bathroom was a bit steamy. When I pulled the shower curtain back and saw the mirror steamed up, I realized I should have turned the fan on. 

Standing in the tub, dripping water, I leaned out and tried to turn the wall switch on for the fan. It was only about eighteen or so inches away. Just far enough for me to lose my balance. I started tipping out of the tub and thought, "You better step out of the tub so you don't fall."

By the time I finished thinking that thought, I was falling out of the tub. I tried to step out and forgot that the tub is a little bit higher than the floor. Totally miscalculated this. Before I knew what was happening, I was banging into the bathroom sink cabinet and then bouncing back to hit the tub before landing on my knees on the floor. Thud, bang, crash. Silence.

I sat there for a few seconds thinking, "Maybe they didn't hear that."

Pound, pound, pound. Footsteps coming. Uh-oh. I'm nekkid as the day I was born. "Are you okay?!" the Man and Mary asked.

"I'm fine!" I said, jumping up and grabbing a towel. "I'm up! I'm toweling off!" 

I just didn't want them to OPEN THE DOOR.

"Are you sure you're okay?" they asked. "Yes!" I said emphatically. Move along, people. Nothing to see here.

My middle name should have been Grace.

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