Thursday, February 4, 2010

Knitting Nights

Knitting class makes me laugh. It's great fun, especially when you're not the one being laughed at. From knitting class tonight:

"Now what do I do?" says R. after she had finished two rows of her purple hat.

"Keep going," I said, "and just follow the pattern." I am the voice of reason.

"But where's the start of my circle?" asks R., holding the yarn thing in her hand and staring at it quizically.

"It's a circle," says P. the instructor, "There's no start."

"It's not a circle," says R.

P. and I actually look over at what R. is holding. We look at each other.

"R., you were supposed to join the two ends on the first row. You're knitting a hat. It needs to be together. All you've done is knit a horseshoe. Hahahahahahah," I laugh.

R. doesn't think this is funny.

She needs to find the humor in her screw-ups. Because they're gonna happen a lot. Now I'm the voice of experience.

*She's sort of a newbie to knitting. But I can still poke fun at her.


  1. I think you left out a crucial point - the pattern that YOU gave me didn't say to connect the ends the first time around. I was following the directions. And besides, you don't want me commenting on your sewing... in that arena, I am the voice of experience. I think we're even. When I finish my hat, I want you to post a picture of it to show that I wasn't intimidated by the masters! :P

  2. Well, I did give you a pattern that was missing a small piece of information. But, really? It's a hat, for pete's sake. Of course it has to be joined. ;-) You need to give me sewing lessons. I'm getting desperate.