Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day, part 2

This always means something good. Lucky for my family, they're getting in on this melted good stuff today. I found this recipe a few days ago and knew I was going to try it for Valentine's Day. Since we went to sissy's for dinner tonight, I brought dessert. Come to think of it, I brought supper too.


I worked hard all day on these cups.
They were easier to make than I could have ever imagined. Really. I blew up the balloons and dipped them in chocolate. They stood up all by themselves!

Can you hear my amazement?

I thought they were going to fall over. But they don't.

This is way fun, as my kids used to say.
The balloon peels away from the chocolate so easily. I'm going to make these cups for EVERYTHING. I think they'll be extra delicious with my morning cereal. And oatmeal. But I'm not sure about chicken soup or chili. I'm willing to try though.
I added a little extra to the mousse cups - piped hearts. Okay, so my hearts aren't quite Martha Stewart perfect. They're good enough for my family considering J. is going to eat it in about 0.5 seconds flat.

I couldn't find instant chai latte mix so I used General Foods International Hazelnut Cafe powder. Fine substitute, if I do say so myself. Since I had to make nine cups, I doubled the recipe.
They look so fancy nancy. I heart them. Hahahahahahaha.
Valentine's Day means chocolate and red flowers so I had to make something quick to get my red flower requirement filled. This tutorial was very simple. It took about a half hour from start to finish - picking out the branches to making the flowers and gluing them on.

Next time I'm going to frame them like Wendy did. I need something new on my bedroom walls and I think this will look perfect.

I like the simplicity of this form. They remind me of the Japanese cherry blossoms we saw when we visited D.C. several years ago.
We ended the day with this pretty little girl and her family. Don't you just love this missing-my-two-front-teeth smile?


  1. Those chocolate cups are way cool! What kind of filler was that? Can you do pudding? You should run a program at the library or at my house ;) We have plenty of test-tasters here.

  2. @RCV - click on the recipe link and you'll find the recipe for the whipped filling in the cups. Instead of chai latte powder, I used the General Foods International Hazelnut instant coffee powder and it worked just fine.