Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Random Thoughts

This young lady is another niece, M. She and her mom live far, far away from us and we don't get to see them very often. We see them more over the summer since we spend a good chunk of time at the beach and they live on the beach. They're so lucky. I'd love to live near a beach.

But I'm getting off track.

M. just turned 13 (eeek!) and came to see us so we could have cake with her. Well, really, she came for the presents but we had cake, too. K. and I went shopping with M. and her mom on a snowy, blowy night. We found lots of good things on sale.

Happy shoppers, happy night. We stopped at Starbuck's and had a caramel apple cider.

Only the BEST drink ever.

It's like drinking apple pie with melted vanilla ice cream on it.
I got this cool pencil pouch at Barnes and Noble last year.

Wow. That was pretty random.

There is a train of thought behind that picture, though.

The caramel apple cider we had at Starbuck's was at a Starbuck's inside a Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble made me think of this pouch. This pouch reminded me I had to a take a pic a day picture today and voila! it all tied up rather nicely.

Choo, choo. See, my train came full circle.

Anyway, isn't that pouch perfect for a librarian? I use it to hold my knitting accessories.
When I uploaded my pics tonight, I found these from Sunday morning. My nieces and I made rainbow pancakes for breakfast. K. wouldn't wake up or she could have made them with us.

But she showed up for the eating of the pancakes.
We had to stack them up just so. We're not obsessive, no sir. But it looks prettier that way, don't you think?
Mmmmmm. They were good.

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