Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Peach, er, Peace

I love looking out into my backyard. Especially when it's lightly snowing. Yay. More snow. That darn groundhog said six more weeks of winter. I think it's time we picked a new animal. This one isn't working out so well. He can go swim in the brook for all I care.
We kind of have a barn. Only we don't call it a barn. We call it a garage since that's what my FIL said it was. But it looks like a barn. The red barn just pops right out with all that lovely white stuff in the background. And the dark trees. They look nice too.

It's a good thing to have such pretty views out your window.

Or else I might remember how much I'm starting to dislike winter and snow and ice and coats and boots and shovels and cold noses and freezing feet. And I'm tired of fruit that doesn't taste good. I want some fresh fruit and vegetables. Please come soon, summer. I need some fresh peaches.


  1. Come down south!! I've already scoped out some yarn stores. ;)

  2. We're heading south in just a few days, as you well know! See you soon ;-)