Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Day, part 1

I'm working on some Valentine projects. I found a great tutorial on how to make a fabric envelope and card. You saw a sneak peek a few days ago. I can't show pictures of it because I haven't given it to the recipient yet. After I give it away I'll post a few pictures. But I needed an insert explaining that it was a way to exchange love notes with your sweetie. So I made the cards above. I just cut some hearts out of gold vellum and stitched them onto cream colored cardstock. That's my new favorite card - a stitched one. Very easy and very pretty.

I know I would LOVE to get a love note like this. Hint. Hint. Although the Man can't sew so I know I'm not getting one of these any time soon. Unless I make it for myself. I could send me one. Hmmmmm....
I was looking for a small something to give away on Valentine's Day and found the perfect project here. I think I'll attach a small bag filled with some candy to the little pillows. That should bring a smile to people's faces.

I would smile if someone gave me a bag of candy and pillow full of hearts. Hint. Hint.

I hope the Man reads my blog. I'm giving him good stuff here. Hint. Hint.

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