Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Warmth

Remember I was telling you about the afghan that I saw at Anthro and had to have?

Here it is. It's coming along. It lays out in my lap just perfectly, keeping me cozy and warm the whole night.

But it is getting a bit bulky. Harder to turn around now when I get to the end of a row. I'm building some arm muscle wrestling with this thing and it's not even half way finished.

But it's oh-so-warm. A perfect project for a February night.
My other sissy is visiting from far away. She made me lay it over her lap so she could see how warm it was. She thinks it should be going home with her.

Oh no.

Another sissy trying to steal my things.

I have to watch them closely. They have sticky fingers. They better not touch my things or I'm telling Dad.

When he comes back from Florida in May.

So there.

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