Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frugality+Yarn+Lots of Time = Anthropologie Style Afghan

I heart Anthropologie. A lot. I should work for them. But then I wouldn't make any money because I would spend it all at work. It's better I don't work for them. At least now I get to keep some of my money and greedy old Anthropologie doesn't get it all.

Sissy and I were in there a couple of weeks ago and I saw an afghan that I have to have. It was marked down to $99.95, which sounds pricey but for a handmade afghan is actually quite reasonable. If you have $99.95 to spend. I didn't. So I walked away from it.

It keeps popping up in my head.

I have to have it.

Oh no, it's gone.


Now I have to make one. So I started one this week. I've been working on a stupid purple sweater that I love hate and found out that I absolutely cannot knit this thing at knitting class. It's too fussy. I have to count stitches. I have to follow an intricate pattern. Which means NO TALKING.

Because I can't seem to follow that rule, I've frogged several rows, MANY times, and I hate it. But I'm almost done with the front piece so I have to finish the darn thing. I've got too much yarn invested in this project.

But in the meantime I need something to knit at knitting class. So I started a chevron afghan using a feather and fan pattern. I'm picking up yarn everywhere I find it, in shades of orange, cranberry, and brown. So far I've spent $34.00 on yarn and that will get me about a quarter way through it. But I can't wait to see it finished.

And it will probably cost me more than $99.95 by the time it's done.

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