Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dreaming of Summer

I want summer. This is as close as I'm getting right now. I love everything about summer: the heat, the garden, flowers, eating outside on my porch, and sangria. I love fresh fruit, barbecuing, fans whirring, and the smell of freshly mown lawn. I love going to the beach, or swimming in the pool, or just soaking up the sun.
There are some things I don't like about summer. I don't like bugs and I don't like wearing bathing suits. I don't like putting on sunscreen but my nose looks terrible when it gets sunburned. I don't like sticking to my car seat when I'm wearing shorts. That hurts.
Five months to go. We're almost there.


I'm practicing positive thinking. Right now I'm positive we've got a long way to go until summer.
But these pictures help. And the thought of sitting on my porch, sipping sangria.


  1. I wanted to comment on this the other night... I LOVE these pictures and they make me think of summer too. I think I have all the same likes and dislikes as well. Thank you for sharing.