Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Great Curtain Hunt

The Man finished painting the kitchen. He had a deadline of New Year's but that came and went with only one wall painted. It would have been done sooner but we had to change colors. My MIL walked into the kitchen after we put the first color on and shrieked, "It's gray!" It wasn't really gray but once she put that thought in my head, it became gray. Obviously that color had to go so we made (yet another) trip to the paint store to find a similar but different color like the one we had just put on the wall. The Man has a lot of patience with me. I must have looked at about 50 bazillion samples and narrowed it down to two. We brought those home, dutifully painted our poster board and held it up all around the kitchen. That actually worked great, thanks to the advice of the paint store owner. But it's all behind us now, since he finished painting a couple days ago. Now on to the fun stuff, like buying new rugs, drawer pulls, switchplate covers, and curtains. [I skip happily off to the mall area to gather my goodies.]

Two days later....

Aaaaaargh! I cannot find curtains I like anywhere. They simply don't exist. I've been to every store in a three-town area, searched for hours online, and poured through gobs of catalogs. I cannot find anything I like. I didn't think I was a difficult person to please, but evidently I am. Is it too much to ask for a variety of 54" long curtains to choose from? It must be, because I can't find them anywhere. Did I say that already?

So, sum total after two days of shopping for kitchen update clock and some switchplate covers on their way to me. No curtains, no drawer pulls, no rugs.

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