Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time's a-wasting

Well. I accomplished nothing today.

I had such high hopes for the day. I met a friend for breakfast at seven o'dark thirty in the morning and thought I would come home and whip through the house, cleaning and straightening until it was done. Then I would be free to sew.


I came home. Decided I needed to go to Joann's to get some sewing supplies and more yarn for my afghan. Went shopping for HOURS, came home, checked crackbook facebook, helped the Man hang two pictures I bought for the newly painted kitchen and snacked.

I did manage to get upstairs and straighten up my sewing nook. I had felt thrown all over the place. It's pretty bad when your 18 year old son asks you to clean up your part of the upstairs spare room so he's not embarrassed to have anyone over. I could have used words like, "Listen, mister, what goes around, comes around," or "Excuse me, are you talkin' to me?" But I didn't. I cleaned it up and now I'm ready to sew tomorrow.

As soon as I clean my bedroom.

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  1. You have a great sense of humor!