Friday, January 22, 2010


I love knitting. Okay...really...I'm obsessed with knitting. I take a weekly class with ten other fantastically wonderful women and I help lead a knitting group at the library every other week. Right now, we're offering free knitting classes to entice beginners to give it a try. Our first class was last night and guess what? My friend, Rhonda, was in the class!

(I knew she would be since I was in charge of the registration for the class so it's not really as big a surprise as I made it sound.)

Rhonda is what you would call a smart aleck. She always has been and that's probably why we've been friends for so long. I'm a wee bit sassy myself.

She was into drama and theatre and artsy stuff in college. She's very dramatic, in other words. (She was an extra in an episode of "The Sopranos". That's my claim to fame. I know someone who was on "The Sopranos".)

I love talking to her. She's mouthy, smart, and always thinks outside the box. Plus, I know her husband from way back in the day (don't you just love that expression? I do, even though I have no idea where it came from or what it actually means) and he's a good egg. And I love her kids, too. Especially Stephen - he has the best smile.
But I have totally gone off subject.

Rhonda and I were chatting at knitting last night and she made the comment that she had to use me as a job reference and put down how long we had known each other.

Forty years.


I can't have friends for forty years. That's a big number. And it's a scary one. But she was right, darn her. Of course, we've been friends since kindergarten so we're not that old. It's not like we met in Lamaze class and have been friends for forty years, or met when our kids were in story hour together and have been friends for forty years. Still, forty years being friends makes us sound old. I don't like it.

But I do like Rhonda and we've gotten closer since we joined crackbook facebook. We chat a few times a week now and have had dinner with other friends from elementary school. Kind of a mini-reunion.

And tomorrow I get to have another one. Yay for me!!!

I re-connected with another friend on facebook and we're having breakfast tomorrow morning. I'm so excited to see Mary and catch up with her life and hear all about what her family is doing. She put a status update tonight that she was looking forward to having her first re-connection with an old friend tomorrow and that made me smile.

Nice way to end my twelve hour work day today.


  1. I can't believe you said I'm dramatic! I think you bring it out in me, Cheryl. We have fun even if we just see each other for a few minutes. Thank you for being my friend ALL these years! Oy, this typing is making my arthritis act up... see you later!

  2. Hmmm...don't you think your first sentence was a wee bit dramatic?! And stop using words like "arthritis". It makes us sound old. Use "my overused fingers are acting up". See, we sound busy now, not old. It's all in the spin, Rhonda.