Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whiteouts, Weekends, and Women

Wow. The weathermen really messed up the forecast on Thursday. That's a shocker.

We were supposed to get a couple of snow squalls, amounting to no more than 1/2" of snow all day.


We got a snowstorm that lasted all day long and left us with about 4" of snow. This doesn't sound too bad except it seemed like it all came down right as I was driving home from work. The wind was whipping, the temperatures were freezing cold (it felt like minus one thousand degrees out there) and it was whiteout conditions as I was driving through some corn fields. The snow was blowing horizontally. Crazy.

I prayed the whole way home, since I couldn't see the road at all, and finally pulled into the garage. The pic above is what greeted me when I came out of the garage. The Man had all the snow shovels lined up like little soldiers on the back porch. Too cute. His army is ready to march.

*Don't let the 1/2" of snow on the picnic table fool you. I'm telling you, it was whiteout conditions about ten minutes before this photo was taken. And we got another 3" over the next two hours or so.

Boy, when I write this it makes me sound like a big baby. But I'm not. It was scary and dark and windy and blowy and snowy. I'm glad I made it home okay.
Right after dinner, I settled in with a cup of coffee, my cozy fur blankie, my Anthro inspired afghan (see above) and some oreos. Aaaaaaaah, the night just got much better.

I knitted while J., K., and the Man watched "The Office" all evening. We all kept warm, especially when the Man asked J. to go shovel the driveway. Then it got really warm. There was a lot of steam coming out of their ears by the time that discussion got settled. In the end, J. shoveled the drive and cleaned off Grandma's car as well. Phew.
Had lunch with some very old (er, I mean, long time) friends from high school. Actually we all knew each other in grammar school, too, but became friends in high school. What fantastic women these ladies are. We've been able to reconnect through crackbook facebook. I love it for that reason.

The middle woman, Beth, is CEO of a company and the woman on the left, Mary, is an attorney. Me? I'm a librarian working with teens.

Hmmmmm? Wonder who has the scariest job?

We spent lunch on Saturday reminiscing about the past, sharing a few secrets, and laughing, a lot. But next year we're heading somewhere warmer for our (now annual) get together.
This is what we ate for dessert on Saturday night, with friends, after having some yummy pizza from a new place. It's The Pioneer Woman's "The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever." and it is. There's only a couple of pieces left. This was a whole jelly roll pan sized cake. And there's only a couple of pieces left. And that's only because we went to bed. Make this cake now.

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