Monday, February 20, 2012


We are a looooong way away from using these in the garden. They're hibernating out in the barn.

Where I was wandering around this afternoon, a little bit restless and needing to get outside and find some fresh air.

The Man does not like to see me out in the barn, especially when I say things like, Maybe I'll just straighten up a bit out here.

That brings him running every time.

Which is just what I planned. I begged him to take me for a ride, anywhere, just to get out and about. I had a serious case of cabin fever this weekend. And I wanted to go somewhere and shoot. I'm starving for subjects.
Saw this little guy as I was exiting the barn. He looked like he was trying to say something to me.

Like, Help, I'm bored! Take me out!

Not yet, little gnome. It's too cold.
The Man and I meandered all over back country roads this afternoon on our Sunday Monday afternoon drive.

The Man kept pointing out pretty things for me to shoot.

As he whizzed by them. 

Er, kind of hard to shoot when you are going by at 40 mph.

It's a good thing we live in a farming community. There are lots of barns around. Nicely set further back from the road, almost like they know someone is going to be taking their picture from a moving vehicle.

Of course.
J went to visit P this weekend. She's been away at school and they haven't seen each other since Christmas break.

That's quite a bit of time, especially during the long, cold winter months.

Judging from the pictures I saw on facebook, they both enjoyed the weekend a lot. They did a little shopping, went out to eat, walked by the water, and watched some movies. They sent me a picture of a puzzle they did together on Saturday night.

I love that. The two of them doing a puzzle together. They are the sweetest young couple I know.
Hmmm. I wonder what that ladder is doing up there?
There were actually four barns lined up on this stretch of road.

But we went by them so fast,  I missed one of them.
No barn looks just like another one. 

Boards are missing, graffiti is written, shingles are askew.

They each have their own quirks.

Their own personality.

I think that barn with the green roof is quite flashy, a little bit of a show-off with that colored roof. While the plain lady behind him just sits and ages, doing her job, housing whatever it is she shelters from the weather. 


I want a good man for you. A brave one.  The Earl of Grantham, Downton Abbey

Sigh. Sniff.

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  1. that picture above of the red barn is breathtaking! that needs to be framed, seriously :)