Monday, February 13, 2012

Pretty in Pink, or Sprinkles on my Pancakes



I'm not sure sissy is going to like these pictures but....

c'est. la. vie.

At auntie's house, all bets are off and we have whipped cream and sprinkles for breakfast.
After breakfast, we made stuffed owls. Or rather, D and I made stuffed owls. She asked if we could make three owls: one for her, one for her teacher, and one for E.

What a sweet heart she has, that one.

E decided she want to play basketball. She was outside with the Man.

Her and the Man came running in to tell us something.very.important.

Auntie! Auntie! I got a basket! I got a basket! AND IT SWISHED! ALL NET!

Her sissy looked up, "Shhhh! I'm sewing, E!"

Evidently it takes a lot of quiet and concentration when you're dealing with fast moving needles.
Later in the afternoon we had a "Chopped" contest. I teamed up with E for the appetizer round and with D for the dessert round.

My team won both times.

I'm a ringer.


J used a wee bit too much hot sauce, or three, in his appetizer. He called them "Azteca Ruins".

Judge D needed lots of water to cool her mouth. That's why me and E won that round.

For dessert, K and E teamed up and D and I teamed up. The Man and J were judges. Our secret ingredient? Cottage cheese. Along with chocolate bits, strawberry jelly and crunchy granola bars. K and E made chocolate bars and did not use the cottage cheese.

Uh-oh, the judges aren't going to like that.

D and I made mini cheesecakes. Granola bottom, cheesecake middle, strawberry jam on top. D insisted we put a candle on it.

Judge J liked that. Said it was fancy. That's why me and D won that round.

"Chopped" is so much fun.
My mantel for St. Valentine's Day. 

Pretty in pink, I say.


Talking to Sissy today, I discovered something. 

D is the older sister. E is the younger sister.

D does the crafting for her younger sissy. E flits around, playing with other things.


That's a familiar song in our family.

I have to chat with D.


  1. Love all the color, and those sweet owls!!

  2. Your mantel is lovely!!! And I love the idea of chopped! We have pizza cook-offs in our family, but I think I am going to steal your idea for a Chopped cook-off!
    Your nieces are ADORABLE, and so are those owls!

  3. I love your dialogue-sooo much!!
    And family games are the BEST
    I want to try that cheesecake-yum

  4. and all this is why you are a rockstar according to D & E! As always, they had great fun!