Friday, February 17, 2012

Joyful Heart(s)

K shows such patience with me when I want to try something.

For about five minutes.

My creative juices have five minutes to flow, so they better flow fast.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been a bit obsessed with blowing glitter. And the logical progression on Valentine's Day?

Blowing hearts.
I love the whimsical way the hearts blow around, fluttering upside down and sideways. Some of them cluster together and others twitter all around by themselves.

They are obviously divas, needing center stage.
These photos make me think about how casually hearts are treated sometimes. Like objects you can blow away without a care for what will happen to them.

Because sometimes we give our hearts to people who don't treat them very nicely, don't we?

Especially when we're young.

I want K to guard her heart and not give it away so freely. 

Easier said than done. I think we all know that.

But as I keep reminding her - she is the daughter of a King and the man worthy of her will treat her as such.
My gift to the Man for Valentine's day. 

It took me about ten minutes to come up with fifty-two reasons why I love this man. I could have come up with more but there's only so many cards in a deck.


He didn't know what to do with it. He thought he was supposed to read one a week for a whole year.


When we were discussing this at dinner that night, I asked him how he could limit himself like that. 

If he wrote down fifty-two reasons why he loved me, I would have read those in about two minutes flat.

I want to savor them, he said.

Hmmm...I want to gobble them up. 
Just an idea I saw on Pinterest.

I'll use it for something someday

I have a lot of someday photos.

I love my new mug. And it was perfect for Valentine's day.

Coffee tastes better in a pretty mug, don't you think?
Centerpiece on my dining room table right now. 

Red flowers. My favorite.


One of my favorite romantic movie quotes is from "Hope Floats" :

"Dancing is just a conversation between two people. Talk to me."


  1. i love those heart pictures! are they heart shaped glitter or little paper ones?

    that mug is beautiful...i 100% agree that everything tastes better in pretty glassware/plateware!

  2. Lyndsay, they are paper punched hearts from magazines. I sat one night and punched and punched and punched to get enough to do this shoot. Then I had to sweep them up off the back porch. The Man came home and said, "What's with all the hearts on the back porch?" Evidently I missed quite a few =]

  3. love the hearts. I think I need to start with glitter first. And the mug is perfect. Wondering where mine is???