Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thrifty Wednesday, Revisited

Sissy and I were out thrifting today.

We found lots and lots of treasures.

A gorgeous sky blue Pyrex dish, just the perfect size for vegetables.

Some Glasbake custard cups.

And two pieces of Fire King serveware.  Which is not very easy to find. So this was a banner day of thrifting.
I do not know who made this or where it came from. It's probably not valuable. 

But I like it.

It's green. It's perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

It was cheap.
A milk glass hobnail vase. 

Can't wait to see some pink roses in this fancy-schmancy v-a-h-z.

I'm still collecting wooden shoes to spray paint.

Now I need to start collecting cans of spray paint.

We found some sweet postcards from the 1930s, with notes written on the back. 

Little slices of history.

The two on the right are linen cards, made in Germany. They are teeny tiny pieces of art.

Love them.
A milk glass dish. Now filled with lots and lots of kisses.

Well, actually not so many now. Maybe about half are still there. 



Sissy and I were meandering through a thrift store, poking around the shelves, picking up this and that to examine the markings. Dropping things. Clanking things. Making spectacles of ourselves.

We forget we are out in public. And that there are other people around. People that might be listening to  us.

So we were in this thrift store, chatting back and forth, and before we knew it, our arms were full. We had found lots of treasures in this one store.

Sissy says, I'm starting to feel like a hoarder.

I say, We're not hoarders. We're collectors.

She says, But I have a lot of stuff now. And the house is getting full.

I say, Well, as long as we have very w-i-d-e paths between our stuff, we're not hoarders. Those people can't walk through their paths.

A burst of laughter from the woman standing next to us. Sorry, she says, but you guys are FUNNY.

Then she followed us around the store for a bit, finally asking our opinion on a soup tureen she liked. Only she didn't know it was a soup tureen. We told her that. She didn't really think she was fancy enough for a soup tureen but she liked it anyway. I said, Pretend it's a giant candy bowl.

She liked that.


  1. In your first photo - the casserole dish with the coppery looking finish - I have one with the same finish - it was my mother's.

  2. wow!! so many treasures! i am on a strict no-buying-anything ban right now while we are renting. i can't wait to be able to treasure hunt again. i LOVE those cute wooden shoes, the milkglass vahzzz, and that beautiful pyrex!

  3. it was a great day! hope we have another banner day next week too! I really think you should give me the pretty green platter & the coppery pyrex dish. Just my .02. xoxo

  4. Sissy, I know you and your wily'll try to sweet talk me out of those pretties. It's not going to work. I love them so. But should I find another coppery fire king, it's yours! xx

    Lisa, the picture doesn't do it justice, does it? such a gorgeous shimmery copper color =]

    Lyndsay, i can't wait for you to be able to treasure hunt again. especially with all that fun space you now have to decorate!

  5. You make me laugh, Miss C! And I love the dishes!!! oooo. You will have to message me and tell me where this thrift shop is :) ..then again, maybe you shouldn't. hmn.
    Your random thoughts posts are my favorites.
    You would enjoy this blog too. She does a random thought Thursday each week on her blog. She is very funny too (but not as funny as you!)