Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fun Times

I found some good light in the front foyer this afternoon.

Self portraits = very hard.


I love my new scarf.

Thanks, M!


M and I were tagging this morning. And eating. And gathering food. We aren't entirely self-focused. We brought food home to our families.

We stopped at a local bread shop/bakery after hitting a few tag sales and got some breakfast. Slices of freshly made and oh-so-soft warm bread. Slathered with butter. And peanut butter cookies. Oh yes, the peanut butter cookies.

Holy moly me oh my, you're the apple of my eye.

We stopped at a few more tag sales and then drove across town to get some of the best grinders ever made. Small Italian bakery. Four ingredients - fresh rolls, salami, provolone, homemade roasted green peppers. 

Grinders from this bakery = very happy family.


When we go out tagging, I usually bring the newspaper with us since it has all the locations of the tag sales for the weekend. There was one in particular that sounded promising - older items, linens, antiques. I kept quizzing M on the address.

"Is it on Mountainside? Or Mountainview?" I asked.

"Mountainview," she said, after carefully looking at the paper. She folded it up and stuck it back in the door panel.

Off we go to Mountainview. 

"Are you sure it's on Mountainview?" I asked again, after driving a few miles. Since Mountainside is clear across town, I wanted to make sure I was heading to the right address.

"Oh yes, it's Mountainview," she said rather firmly.

We get to Mountainview. The road is all torn up. Clearly the town is working on the road and it is not finished yet. Very bumpy ride. We read the house numbers as we go along. We're looking for 62 Mountainview.

4, 6, 8, 14, 24, 32. End of road.

What? End of road? Where's 62? How can the road just end?

"Are you sure it's on Mountainview?" I asked, again, a little more suspiciously. I might have given her the stink eye.

"Yes, it's on Mountainview. I'll show you the paper," she says, confidently whipping out the classifieds to prove it was on Mountainview.

It was on Mountainside.

Tagging with M = lots of adventure.

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