Saturday, September 7, 2013

Twist the Wrist

What a difference a slight twist of the wrist makes. The focus changes and suddenly something new pops out.

You can't see the tiny brown specks (I think they are called anthers and contain pollen) in the top picture but they are plentiful in the bottom picture.

One small twist of the lens and a whole new picture opened up.
Side view of all those teeny, tiny anthers.

They look like miniature alien antennas. Based on all the alien antennas I've seen. From films in the 1950s and 60s. Not real aliens. 

That time of year.

Fall mums.


I like the idea of changing focus. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in seeing one part of an issue that I don't remember to change my focus and see something else that might be more important.

There's a story in the Bible about two sisters Martha and Mary. Jesus comes to visit their home and Martha scurries around, preparing the meal and taking care of all the household needs, while Mary sits at our Lord's feet, listening to him speak.

Martha gets upset and asks Jesus to tell Mary to help her. 

But Jesus doesn't do that. He tells Martha that what Mary is doing is more needed than the household chores and he's not going to take that away from her.

He makes Martha see the problem with a different focus. And suddenly, it is clear. Listening to Jesus speak is more important than preparing a meal, or tidying a home. Of course.


I wonder how many times I've used my time on something, missing out on the more important something else that I should have been focused on?


Time to twist the wrist.

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