Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pesto is Best{o}

Holy basil leaf, Batman. 

Homemade pesto is pure deliciousness.


The Man and I ravaged the garden a few nights ago, fearing a frost. I snipped all the basil, stuffed it into big glass containers filled with water, and put it on a {large} windowsill.

The house smelled fantastic. 

I knew I couldn't leave it like that so I set out today to make some pesto. I've never made pesto before. To tell the truth, I've always been a little afraid to try and make it.

It sounds so exotic.

Pooh. It was very easy. I should have made this stuff years ago. I'm such a sissy. But I put on my big girl pants (shout-out to all my knitwits) and dove right in.

And now I have a couple of pint jars of pesto, ready for the freezer.


I had a little bit left over so I threw some pasta together for dinner. 

Bring water to a boil and cook pasta.

While waiting for the water to boil, I sauteed a bit of garlic (maybe 2 teaspoons) in some olive oil (maybe 3-4 tablespoons) on low heat for a few minutes, until the garlic just started to turn light brown. While that was cooking, I sliced some cherry tomatoes (maybe 20 of them) in half and tossed them in with the garlic.

I sprinkled some red wine in, enough to make a little bit of liquid and let the tomatoes simmer and cook down while the the pasta was cooking.

After the tomatoes had cooked down, I added a little more olive oil to the pan for flavor and oily-ness.

When the pasta was al dente, I drained it and dumped it into the saute pan with the tomatoes and garlic. Gave it a good stir, thoroughly coating the pasta with the sauce and then I tossed in a couple big spoonfuls of pesto. Mixed that throughout the pasta and sat down and ate.


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