Thursday, September 19, 2013

Growing Moss

Made some more pesto tonight. 

I am so excited to have all this yummy goodness in my freezer, I can hardly contain myself.

I've already informed the Man that we will be growing a whole lot more basil next summer. We started the year with six plants and he removed three of them by the middle of the summer. He wanted to plant other herbs in the bed and decided to do it amongst the basil.

I thought that was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad idea.

(Not that I have anything against other herbs, so don't get offended all you rosemary lovers or thyme lovers. I just don't like them as much as I like basil. Except for cilantro. I like cilantro a lot. But it's still below my liking for basil.)

And I was right. It was a terrible idea. We are now out of basil and we still have tomatoes coming and how am I supposed to make caprese salad without fresh basil? 

So next year......more basil.


So after I made the first batch of pesto yesterday, I put the two pint jars in the refrigerator until I figured out how to freeze it.

I was tickled pink with those two jars and I kept opening the refrigerator door to look at them. When everyone got home, I told them what I had made and that we would be trying it for dinner with pasta. I thought they would love my pesto as I much as I love it.

The Man looked at it and said, "Where's the meat?"

K was very enthusiastic about it and ate every morsel on her plate. And complimented it. She's a good one, that K.

J opened the door to the refrigerator. He looked in, saw the pesto, and said, "Who's growing moss?"

True story.

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